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Portraits 2014

My main reason for working with photography is to express my deep fasination and love for nature weather it being labeled as a landscape, seascape, nature ... or whatever. Of course, from a philosophical point of view, we and everything else is a part of nature and the universe, but our common way of seing things seperates us self and everything we do as something else than nature. Anyway, I wanted to learn more about taking portraits in a (homemade) ministudio this autumn. I asked on facebook if somebody wantet to help me with this project by participating as a model and so far I've done 9 portraits, and many more on my list. I'm so grateful for this. Thank you every one of you!! Learning this "game" is a completely different "game" than working with mountains and forrestes. Mastering the technics, light, setup, poses and creating a good dialog with people takes effort and time to accomplish. Indeed it is fun and so rewarding even if I don't succeed with the "perfect" portrait ... here as some pictures and portraits made so far: Preparing my ministudio in my basement:

From a photosession with Heide and her lovely children:

Some portraits:

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