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Winterstorm at Hemnes, Karmøy

The experience I'm having when I'm at the seashore during heavy winds is nothing less than spectacular. Those raging waves that burst into the cliffs and rocks just creates an amazing and spectcular scenery. Exloding water everywhere creating great thunders. It's so beautiful.

Yesterday I spent som hours at Hemnes at Karmøy, Norway trying to capture and express that beautiful view and experience. I feel so much alive when being this close to these great forces.

I must be carefull though not to get too close. Many people have during the years been taken by big waves because they went to close to the sealine.

A gigantic explotion from an enourmeous wave, the explotion is about 20m high


Waves pouding in constantly


Seconds before impact ...


The scenery is just amazing


Foam and froth from the pounding waves


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