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The fjord of Nærøyfjord ... winter

This weekend I had my second visit to the spectacular fjord of Nærøyfjorden in my kayak. This time I wanted to visit the fjord while the surrounding mountains was encapsulated with snow. I thought that would be perfect for black and white photography ... and it was :) I had to reschedule two times due to the fjord was frozen and covered with ice, but fortunately the weather have been mild these last days and all the ice on the fjord has melted. So this weekend everything was ready for me to visit again with my kamera.

This fjord is a narrow fjord which is about 17 kilometer long, and it is a branch of the lagre Sognefjorden. At the end of it you'll find Gudvangen. I've been in this fjord some times, and the experience I'm having when paddeling in this fjord is nothing less than spectacular.

The steap mountains along the fjord reaches as high as 1760 meters above sea level. One might think I feel small in these surroundings in a kayak. But I feel no such thing. I feel only deeply in love with its beauty and greatness. It is so beautiful, and it is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Here is some of the photographies from the visit.

The kayak I borrowed from our local kayak club.
Route Ferry approaching Bakka
Road to bakka along the fjord

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