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Photowalk Månafossen waterfall

The 3. May I had planned a walk to the beautiful waterfall Månafossen. It's about 15 years since I last visit this waterfall. It's this regions (Rogaland) highest free fall waterfall with it's 90 meters. At this time of year there is lot of water in it coming from the melting snow higher up in the mountains making it truly a beatiful and powerful sight. I also visited some of the surrouding areas and the valley of Hunnedalen. I've spent quite some time in Hunnedalen in my youth and adult life. It is perhaps the single place which have had most impact on me in the perspective of falling in love with nature, and as a place for "education" in outdoor life. It's so beautiful, raw and wild.

Relaxing at the tent after dinner ... but missing my coffee (which i forgot :) )

A couple of skier coming down to Hunnedal.

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