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Photowalk at Nordre Holsnanuten, Etne

I had a great day with my dog Cara and my Camera at Holsnanuten yesterday. The weather forecast was quite good: cloudy, strong wind but no rain. And that was pretty much the case although there were a few rain showers. My destination was a waterfall I've passed when hiking in this area some years ago, but without a camera. It had such an impact on me when I saw it. So beautiful. Stunningly beautiful. The map show no name for it and you can hardly see any waterfall except a narrow blue line. But the waterfall couldn't care less .. it just flows and expresses it's beauty. I had my lunch here drinking water from it's stream and just absorbing the atmosphere.


It took me about 8 hours to hike up and down to this waterfall. It was all worth it as autumn is here it expresses it's beautiful colors. So much beauty being expressed everywhere. Even through my black and white expression, autumn colors expresses itsef ... can you see it? :)


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